Capacity Development Workshop

he Arab Trade Union Confederation ATUC organised, in coordination with The Arab NGO Network for Development ANND, a national Capacity Development workshops in Morocco on 27 and 28 January 2018. The project fell within the framework of the Pilot Project for the Promotion of Social Dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean Neighbourhood – SOLiD and in collaboration with Espace Associatif.

The workshop aimed to increase capacity related to Agenda 2030 and the SDGs, through a training manual on SDGs produced by ANND, as well as, to discussion the situation of Morocco.

The event began with an introduction and background on SDGs, followed by a discussion of the human rights approach to Agenda 2030. The next session tackled development partnerships, development financing, and mobilizing local resources. The second day focused more on the local context, tackling the realities of development and human rights, the main challenges related to public policies, the role of CSOs, and how to benefit from the Agenda 2030 process. This was followed by a discussion of review mechanisms, voluntary national reviews, and other mechanisms, with a special focus on inequalities, gender.